Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dean Paul, HuffPo contributor

Coming across the wires this evening, a blog post on the Huffington Post written by Associate Dean for Religious Life Paul Raushenbush.

In it, Raushenbush declares victory for Barack Obama and America following the president's commencement address at Notre Dame this afternoon. Refering to a "spirit of reconciliation and respect exhibited by the President and the graduating class," he hailed Obama for creating a "middle way for this most divisive of issues" and deemed the trip to South Bend a success.

Turns out Dean Paul is somewhat of a regular contributor to HuffPo, posting 15 blog entries over the last six months. He's covered a lot of ground: everything from Sarah Palin to Proposition 8 to the "Pastor Problem" of the 2008 election to the "Liberal" faith of George W. Bush. We also get a look at his 10 worst religious stories of last year, plus an entry titled "God Damn Wall Street!" from January and one praising "Big (and Smart) Government" a couple weeks later. Before today, his the most-recent post came was "The Torture Memos: Dick Cheney vs. Jesus Christ." Take a look.