Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TigerFinder: Know exactly where your friends are

Tigerfinder: Your campus Marauder's Map.

On Monday, I had a friend request in my mailbox. It wasn't for Facebook. It wasn't for Mypsace. I was being followed - but not on Twitter. I was being followed on TigerFinder.

TigerFinder - and excuse the Harry Potter reference but I just can't help myself - is basically a Marauder's Map for Princetonians. It uses your laptop's wireless connection to tell your "friends" your location on campus. It shows your location, and the last "update" (which it does automatically every 2 minutes). It even gives your longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. So you can know where your friends are so long as they're on their computers. (Caveats? It doesn't work on land lines or Leopard - yet).

Want to try it out?

I have a feeling this could get out of hand. And I think I'm going to like it.

-Meaghan Byrne '10


Anonymous said...

how useful is this?

Anonymous said...

invasion of rights
against the law