Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new home for your old textbooks

Dean's Date is over and that means that there are some textbooks you will never need to look at again. For those of you who like to recoup a little of the cost of the books to prepare to purchase next year's batch, there's a new option this year in addition to selling the books back to Labryinth thanks to COS 333. Jonny Weiss '11, Damien Zhang '09, Eric Domb '10 and Katie Klosterman '09 designed the Princeton Textbook Exchange to aid student to student textbook reselling.

The process is easy. To sell a book simply log on with your netid and note the class the book was used for, the book ISBN and the condition of the book. The sellers set the price of the book. Buyers can browse by class or search by title, author or ISBN. The seller and buyer then set up a time to meet and exchange the textbook for payment.

There are currently over 45 books available on the site and the prices range from $5 to over $100.