Friday, May 29, 2009

University Names Go Wild

Universities trademark their names to prevent other institutions from benefiting from a perceived relationship, such as was the case with the Princeton College of Medicine proposed by David Wade GS '82. National American University (NAU) has a different kind of problem. Instead of an academic institution trying to benefit from their name, in 2003 a pornography and adult entertainment site with the name Naughty American University (NAU) launched. National American University has sued noting that the names are "nearly identical in sight, sound and commercial impression," according to an AP story.

This may be a case where the University's acronym works in its favor. Who wants to name something PU?


David Wade, Ph.D. said...

Oh really? See
How many colleges and universities can you find that have identical or nearly identical names? Dozens! PU has been dismissing medical education since at least 1886. It should stick to doing what it does best, producing government bureaucrats.