Sunday, May 10, 2009

More from COS 333: MealSaver and a TigerFinder Update

The COS 333, Advanced Programming Techniques, required that students create group projects and present them at the end of the term. The result is websites and students designed by students often with the goal of filling a niche on campus. MealSaver and TigerFinder, Princeton's Maurader Map, are just two of the creations.

MealSaver was designed by Dan Strife '09, David Krueger '09, Maddie Lu '09, and Evan Kelly '10 to track meal exchanges between different eating clubs. Currently Tower, Cap and Gown and Cloister have agreed to work with the program. Instead of relying on members to remember the number of uncompleted exchanges they have participated in, the site plans to record exchanges and label they by balanced and unbalanced and offers email reminders about unbalanced exchanges. Clubs will also have access to this information so that they can bill their members at the end of the term.

The link above is the demo version of the site, which members of Tower, Cap and Cloister should have access to although it is currently without balance information or shows test data.

Now that you've had time to sign up for TigerFinder, but suddenly need to finish your Dean's Date papers without being found, it turns out that there are ways to disable TigerFinder as well. You can quit the application, although this will continue to display your last known location for another 5 hours. You can also make yourself invisible by clicking the eye icon on the settings page.

A final version will launch on Dean's Date and offer functionality on all major operating systems (including Mac OS X Leopard), group functionality and more locations on campus. Don't worry, your beta account will carry over.