Monday, May 11, 2009

Distractions Galore

Now that Dean's Date is approaching, I'm desperately trying to stay focused. But the more I try to stay focused, the more I try to distract myself. Because really, I don't want to write another conclusion. I don't even want to write another sentence. Except if I'm writing about ways to distract yourself. So here are a thousand distractions (true story) to make up for my lack of posts the past two weeks.

Jump on the Bandwagon:
tumblr: The best time to make a blog. And it's so easy to use. It's like blogging for dummies.
twitter: Because where else could you find out that John Mayer changed his pants and also give your friends a second by second update on what you're up to.

Addicting Shows:
Gossip Girl: A new episode tomorrow, before dean's date? I know I shouldn't, but...
Parks and Recreation: Okay, so it wasn't that funny in the beginning, but if you keep watching it, it gets funnier... (Or maybe it's been funny the entire time, and I just have an awful sense of humor?) An amazing cast with some really funny lines.

Shorter Study Breaks:
Aziz Ansari: Just youtube him. Okay, sure, I'm like way late in "discovering" him, but after watching Parks and Recreation and then watching him on Jimmy Kimmel, I haven't really been able to stop watching his videos. (You can also follow him on twitter!)
Human Giant: Okay, I guess just read the above.
David Blaine Parody Series: This is an oldie but goodie; I'm still surprised that so many people haven't watched it. So watch it!
SNL Shorts: Justin Timberlake hosted this Saturday, just in time for Dean's Date!

Okay, so maybe these aren't the best things to do the day before Dean's Date. But it's good to have options. And to all the engineers who don't have Dean's Date papers due, well, have fun putting off studying for exams.