Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Closed locations at/near Princeton University

So there's been some confusion about what's open and what's not.

Here's a preliminary map of locations that have been confirmed as closed. Send an e-mail to multimedia [at] dailyprincetonian [dot] com to let us know if you discover any other locations on or near campus that are closed and we'll update the map. Thanks in advance!

View "Snowmageddon 2" Closings near Princeton University in a larger map

Locations listed above: U-Store, Chancellor Green, Twist, Panera, Small World, Starbucks, Tiger Inn, Ivy Club (TI and Ivy are closed for meals).

— Tasnim Shamma '11


Anonymous said...

CVS is open and plans to be until 10. If you want to go late, you might give them a call to check, though.

Anonymous said...

Small World is closed.