Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't hate on our igloos!

(Photo by Habin Chung, Executive Editor for Photography)

A snow-squirrel built by one group of winners (Jessica Lander '10, Ben Barron '13 and Lenka Ilcisin '12) in yesterday's USG snowman competition.

In an e-mail from the Housing department:

"For safety reasons, please refrain from building any snow enclosures on campus. Specifically, the policy states:

Tents and Outdoor Furniture
Tents, igloos, or similar enclosures may not be present inside or on the grounds of any dormitory, without the written permission of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the Housing Office.

Complete policy information can be found at"

I think this policy reminder was sent a bit too late considering the snow day was yesterday and classes have started up. Will anyone still be building "snow enclosures"? [Re: the picture of the snow-squirrel above, I realize snow-animals/men aren't enclosures, but it was too awesome not to re-post from our slideshow.]

— Tasnim Shamma '11