Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Diggin' In The Mudd: Princeton Reunions Through the Ages

Mudd's online exhibit page is probably not one of the most clicked upon PU website pages. However, it's definetely one worth a look for history buffs and right now it has an exhibit that should be interesting to everyone who's ever seen a P-Rade (or walked in a Pre-Rade or for that matter plans to graduate this university): a slideshow of current and historical Princeton P-Rades.

It starts off with the class of 1882 where viewers can see this lovely photo of preparation for the P-Rade involving a large drum and a leopard skinned (?) covering complete with a tail. Lovely.

We go on to see, from the class of 1877 (in 1927's P-Rade) a very interesting count of the professions of their members of class. No black sheep! Go Princeton! I wonder how many of today's incoming classes would list their career goals as farmers or sky pilots.
The Class of 1901 was competitive in 1911's parade they announced they were coming next year by airship.

But the class of 1913 tried to beat them out in 1923, they brought a live tiger!
There are more serious photos of the P-Rades as well in 1983's P-Rade the Class of 1973 wanted to remind their younger counterparts that there was a time when women weren't allowed in Princeton's sphere.

And that brings us to today (image from 2001), the Princetonian Parade today is a little more diverse and perhaps a little less extreme (not to these guys!). However, the spirit and drive behind it stays the same- students, alumni, and families come together to express their class and university pride.

May it continue for a few hundred more years.

Images used with permission of Mudd Library.