Monday, February 15, 2010

Kornblum GS '73 dies

Allan Korblum GS '73, who earned his Ph.D. from the Wilson School, died last week. He wrote his dissertation on ethics and corruption in the New York Police Department. Unusually, he served as an administrator while a student, becoming Director of Security in 1969.

Of particular note was his role in ending the "snow riot" of 1970, which some had suggested was a precursor to the Nude Olympics. Administrators, fearing that the crowd of semi-nude students could rapidly become a riot, had set up warm snacks in Dillon. Kornblum began chanting "Dillon! Dillon!" to entice students out of the cold and to break up the crowd.


Anonymous said...

If this were a Wikipedia citation, it would be edited immediately with the note "Citation Needed." If you click on the link "snow Riot or 1970" [sic} you arrive at a Prince story from Dec. 7, 2009. Duh.

Look, I read this in the Prince, so it must be true. Let's publish it as fact.

Consider the source. The Prox quotes the Prince. Very shoddy, even for the Prince.