Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow-mageddon 2010

So, snow-mageddon 2010 has passed, and all that remains is the vast amounts of snow dumped over campus. For the most part, it's effect was felt only in the closure of several stores on Nassau St. and the rumored temporary shut-down of the campus shuttles.

Nonetheless, studying in the Lewis Library this weekend, I was convinced the building would collapse. Slightly warmer (a relative term, of course) weather on Sunday caused snow and sheets of ice to start sliding off of those delightfully curved surfaces, and the sound they made crashing onto the library's glass roof was just short of terrifying.

I must confess, though, that the storm was somewhat of a disappointment. Prior to the snow, rumor had it that one-to-two feet of snow would fall: The reality was closer to one half foot. The panic prior to the storm can only lend support to the theory that residents of places with milder winters react more strongly to them.

I'll move on, and class continues as usual today. I suppose its time to retire my high-school snow-day dreams.