Monday, February 22, 2010

GWU admissions blunder

Last Wednesday, George Washington University (GWU) accidentally sent out acceptance e-mails to some of its Early Decision II applicants - applicants who had been rejected from the university just two weeks before.

After experiencing a heavy snowstorm that caused delays in delivering acceptance packets, GWU admission officers decided to send e-mails to accepted students notifying them of their admission to the university. These e-mails, however, were sent to around 200 students who were not admitted, and the university later had to send another e-mail apologizing for its mistake.

Many students were devastated and confused after receiving the e-mail, not knowing whether they were accepted, rejected, or deferred.

This isn’t the first time a university has mistakenly informed rejected applicants that they had been accepted. Last year, Cornell University’s Financial Aid Office sent 25 rejected applicants congratulatory letters, and the University of California at San Diego mistakenly sent all of its applicants, roughly half of which were rejected, acceptance letters.

By Grace Kim, contributor for News.