Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Was that Barbie in COS 226?

Yes, Barbie is back in school. After many careers (126, to be exact), which have included everything from supermodel to surgeon to paleontologist, Barbie will now become a computer engineer.

But not just any computer engineer. Barbie, who is known for her characteristically pink attire and accessories, won't be changing her sense of taste — this programmer wears hot pink glasses, a pink computer, and a shirt decorated with 0s and 1s.

Some may wonder just how she'll pull it off; after all, 1992's Teen Talk Barbie was fond of the phrase "Math is tough." Well, she's conquered so many professions to date, one more certainly can't hurt: she'll just have to balance it with her ongoing career as a princess.

P-Rade Barbie, anyone?