Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh my font color!

It seems our new-ish president, Michael Yaroshefsky, has discovered an exciting technological breakthrough that promises to revolutionize our inboxes — nay, our lives — as we know them. This innovation is known as font color, and it is already mixing things up.

Yaro’s latest USG email is titled “What matters to you?” and it suggests that we all take a survey because the student government can’t make “tough decisions” on its own. But apparently the USG is extremely capable at subterfuge — the colorful kind.

Down at the bottom of the e-mail, hidden in white letters, was the cheer “Huzzah, Huzzah, for Charter Club!” which could be uncovered by highlighting the text.

Just in case this little endorsement didn’t get noticed, Yaro later revealed himself triumphantly to the Charter Spam listserv:

“Word on the street is that the USG is cooperating with the soviets, and that secret messages are being passed covertly at the bottom of schoolwide emails. Be on the alert...” he wrote.

This was followed by a screenshot demonstrating the highlighting trick.

Oh, invention! How glorious it feels to be inspired! We don’t have the heart to tell him that Josh Weinstein was using it two years ago...


MJL said...

Also Biederman did it too