Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, snow go away?

Well, looks as though we may be in for another snow storm. Some students are already grumbling, and the snowfall has just begun. I must confess that the bouts of snow over the past two weeks have been both exciting and a nuisance. On the one hand, I'm from a northern climate and am more than well-acquainted with blizzards. On the other hand, New Jersey isn't.

Some friends and I like to poke fun at others' (friends from lower latitudes) reactions to the snow storms. It would take a lot more than a foot of snow to have caused a snow day at my high school... though once we had to shut down when the heating broke.

It seems that round these parts, there simply isn't the infrastructure to deal with lots of snow. Plowing was not too effective following last week's snow, resulting in a lovely build-up of ice on all the pathways. And heavy snowfall at the beginning of winter recess left many students (myself included) in the Newark airport.

So, what do you think? Has this winter been weak or exceeded your snowiest expectations?


Andrew Stella said...

Good articles recently Prox, but please take it easy on sarcastic comments, this is the internet after all. As for the question, the day off was so excellent but my friends down at UVA have had multiple days off and snow when we don't get days off is just plain bad for everyone involved.