Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, since we're two for two on political commentary on the Prox, I think I'll make it three for three.

So, the beautiful, dignified Democratic campaign has soured over the last few days. It's like a really bad email conversation or a pathetic little arms race.

Hillary makes an add:

Obama answers:

Hillary answers Obama's answer:

And the whole thing gets nastier and nastier as it goes along. The fans don't help either. They're nastier and more vicious than either of the candidates. But they're pretty funny too: check out a couple unofficial responses to Hillary's "children" add on the Comedy Central Indecision 2008 Blog.

Hillary seems to be going into overdrive, with recent appearances on SNL and the Daily Show, although she doesn't seem to be interested in the Colbert Bump:

And then of course, there's that Jack Nicholson ad which is just plain weird.