Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scharf fought the law and ... Scharf won

Charges against former Charter president Will Scharf '08 have been dropped. Not content with vanquishing the Borough, Scharf is suing the police and prosecutor as well:
Scharf also intends to file a civil suit against Princeton Borough and the Princeton Borough Police Department for “false arrest, malicious prosecution, and federal civil rights claims,” the statement said.
Hell hath no fury like a senior forced to divert his attention from his thesis to fight legal charges.


eric said...

the case was a travesty, why phrase this as assuming scharf "fought the law"? plus the countersuing might make the borough think twice before trying to ruin the street again

2010 said...

More power to him! Clearly the charge was due more to who he was than what he did. I hope he can slow the Borough's recent power trip of charging clubs with limited evidence. If he is successful with this suit, it will be a glorious day for Prospect Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Good on him!

'10 said...

Well done, Scharf.

Joa said...

eric, don't get your panties in a twist. it's a reference to a well-known song.

i have not always been the biggest will scharf fan, but i am very pleased to see that he beat the charges and i hope he pursues the borough vigorously.