Monday, March 24, 2008

Quidditch through the ages

Ok, so I'm not really a big fan of sports, spectator or otherwise. But I have to say, Quidditch is pretty fun. It was a cool thing to read about in Harry Potter, a cooler thing to read about in the NY Times (I swear they had a joke issue from the year 3000 where they reported on a Quidditch Match, but I can't find it...), and of course, it was really awesome on the big screen (well, except for that chariot race with Harry and Draco, but whatever...).

What to say then about intercollegiate Quidditch?

Well, I can't really honestly say it's cool. It's probably the very antithesis of "cool." Let's be honest--it's actually really, really dorky. But then again, so am I.

But what intercollegiate Quidditch lacks in coolness, it makes up tenfold in fun. Trying to do my Nietzsche reading while watching the match just adds a whole new level of fun/dorkiness/meaning to my weird Slytherin obsession.

In any case, we lost.


Embarrassingly so the first time, less so the second time. In any case, I can't help but feeling that there was an element of foul play. Tigers are like lions, and by that wonderful and infallible logic, our opponents must be snakes. They provided the snitch. Seriously, who in their right mind trusts a snitch provided by Slytherins? (Disregard this post!)

Anyway, we must regain our honor next year by getting an excellent team with excellent brooms. (Maybe Meg Whitman would like to provide us all with Firebolts? Or does someone have a rich daddy with Ministry connections?) And of course, as was said, next time, we're bringing the snitch.

Ok. Well that's enough of that. Nietzsche calls. Dinner too. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.


r said...

who played for Princeton and how were the players selected? that might make a difference...

Martha Vega said...

I don't know how the main of the team was selected--but basically any adult present could play.