Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Make an informed decision, but let us inform your decision"

In his referendum to the student body over the fate of Spelman 8 (and now a poor entryway in Little, too?), Josh Weinstein is right to inject a bit of voter education in the process:
Please be sure to read the pros and the cons before submitting your input. This survey is critically important and urgent for our campus right now and the long-term viability of the 4-Year Residential College program.
But by golly, if you're gonna list the pros and cons of each option, don't do it in so biased a manner [see the 'Should Whitman Annex Spelman?' box] - or in a way that shows that the USG is willing to cave in to some of the Administration's demands [see the 'Should Mathey Annex More of Little?' box].

There's a reason why referendums seldom have a list of points-counterpoints attached to them, at least in functional democracies. Rather than enlightening voters, laying out the arguments on both sides usually insults their intelligence - not to mention limits the debate, and skews the vote. Josh, next time you want to clear up the smoke and mirrors (which, admittedly, have clouded much of this current debate), just give me the facts.

On the bright side, hooray that Spelman 7's been spared.