Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trying to Look at the Bright Side.

Good things about This Week
1. Everything is funnier when you haven't slept.
2. Free food at Frist.

I wish I had more to say, maybe when I'm not so miserable...


Martha Vega said...

Don't worry Steph. It gets worse. I had a nightmare about Marx and Feuerbach this morning...

Lillian said...
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Lillian Zhou said...

Whoa, hang on. When you say "nightmare," it seems to imply that you've actually slept since midterm week began. Martha, what is your secret?

Martha Vega said...

I'm not sure you can call what I've been doing sleeping...

That said, getting sleep during midterms week can be aided by a couple of practices which I may or may not follow in person:

1) Avoid Red Bull and other energy drinks.
2) Schedule your work better
3) Study in Chancellor Green library.
4) Close your eyes, just go ahead. It can't hurt, right?
But mostly, it's a religious conviction to get to bed for at least a couple of hours. Losing sleep is inefficient. I find it's better to go to bed at 3 and get up at 6 to finish a paper than to stay up until it's finished.