Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And in the Daily Weather Forecast: FIRE! ...Just kidding.

Forbesians were awoken this morning at 8:03 AM by the shrill blare of the fire alarm. It's not as though we haven't had false alarms before, but it was way too annoying to sleep through. We stumbled blearily out into the chilly world, huddled like lost, pajama-wearing sheep. (Actually most of us were skeptical enough of the alarm to have at least stopped to grab jackets, and one group of geniuses was actually huddling together under a huge green comforter: A++ to them.)

Either some cosmic power is taking extreme measures to ensure that I make my 9 o'clock class, or our alarm system is malfunctioning again. Oh, unless we still have fire drills? Do we do that in college? Because 8AM, midterms week, while we're still adjusting to DST... was not the best time to pick.

(There might also have been an actual fire somewhere that was, well, not my room. Who knows. I'll keep my eyes peeled.)