Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quidditch coming to Princeton, to be covered on ESPN -- Seriously...

The Harry Potter series may have sold more books than all but the Bible, the quotations of Chairman Mao, the Qur'an, and Don Quixote, but who would have thought that the sport of Quidditch would make it into real life. For the uninitiated, Quidditch is a sport played by wizards in the Harry Potter series flying around on brooms and trying to score goals in three hoops.

In our world, the Middlebury Quidditch team is on a tour of the northeast and has challenged several other colleges to the "muggle" -- non-wizard -- version of the game. One of those colleges is Princeton. From the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus:
The tour will take Middlebury's quidditchers to Bard, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Vassar, Wesleyan, Amherst and Dartmouth...
The team has been garnering significant media attention, and Benepe said it will be filmed by MTV at Penn and ESPN at Princeton and Columbia. The team is also slated to appear on the CBS early show while at Amherst on March 28.
In other words, Quidditch, at Princeton, on ESPN. After digesting that, you may ask, how can real people play a sport with flying brooms? A reasonable question, and only a somewhat reasonable answer:

Friends at Middlebury tell me that their Quidditch program is "the best in the nation."

The game is scheduled for tomorrow, at Alexander Beach. The time of the game isn't posted anywhere I can find, if someone has it please comment!