Thursday, March 13, 2008

Housing Facts almost as alarming as the SHARE ones.

The Housing Office, with VP Burstein and Dean Malkiel, have decided to convert Spelman 8 and an entryway in Little into Whitman and Mathey, respectively, while returning Spelman 7. The USG has made a survey to gauge student opinion in a formalized manner. We urge you to help us to share student opinion with the administration.

5% more students applied to Spelman, it is oversubscribed
522 students applied to Whitman, compared to 470 last year

Do the Whitman statistics account for underclassmen and just that it's really nice to live in Whitman? (Especially with their exclusive college nights, etc)
When has it even been a good solution to take away housing from something that is "oversubscribed"?

I am just generally confused about the situation, but you know, I'm pretty sure the members of the administration know what they're doing...



Bruce Halperin '09 said...

It's unfair to Rocky and Mathey students to make Spelman 8 a part of Whitman College. Because students in the other four colleges get an advantage in draw times, it is very unlikely that students in Rocky or Mathey will be able to draw into Spelman 8. There are two remedies to this problem: create an equivalent option for students in Rocky and Mathey (impractical), or conduct the Spelman 8 draw without regard to which college you currently reside in. This is the only fair way to conduct the Spelman 8 draw, or else a full one third of the rising junior and senior classes will be locked out of Spelman 8 just because of which college they were in previously.

Anonymous said...

Spelman isn't the only oversubscribed draw; all of them are oversubscribed because draw groups can apply to more than one. While preferences for Spelman apartments over other university housing may be stronger than Whitman vs. general upperclass draw, for example, I doubt that everyone who has applied to Spelman is committed to the independent dining option.