Friday, March 28, 2008

The Late Meal - Friday, March 28

Your daily fare, served fresh - and a week late:

Pseudorandom Room Draw '08 - Josephine Wolff writes an excellent piece in the Prince today, deconstructing the logic behind the supposedly 'random number generator' that was responsible for giving you the last draw time in Forbes. Then again, in spite of all the drama and angst caused by Room Draw, the system here can't be so bad: GW allows its undergraduates to bid for higher draw times, while Trinity College in Cambridge bases its room selection order on students' GPA. If either of those systems were used here at Princeton, Whitman would be full of wise men, or Rockefeller College would be full of... Rockefellers.

No. 4 Tigers to shoot for Final Four - As a Canadian, I've never really understood America's general lack of understanding or enthusiasm over hockey, whether it is the absence of media attention when sunbelt teams win the Stanley Cup or the NHL's efforts to color the puck on American TV screens for slower US audiences. Princeton, I guess, is no different: we have one of the finest hockey teams in the country, yet somehow students are still more concerned over how much money they lost last Friday when Kansas State (#11) upset USC (#6) on their other brackets.

Public Safety requests firearms - So the joke goes: Q: Why did Princeton Public Safety request firearms? A: To protect students from the Princeton Borough Police.

Thesis slog continues; April is the cruelest month - Thesis season has once again produced its inevitable levels of overly caffeinated and Vitamin D-deficient rage, albeit creative rage. My friend Sarah explains 'thesis' in acronym form (T.H.E.S.I.S.: The Hell Every Senior Is Suffering), while another friend Cheryl has likened thesis writing to giving birth: "Both involve 9 months of preparation, a final 2 weeks of dread and anticipation, an excruciating 24 hours of sleepless pain, and a new baby at the end."