Monday, March 31, 2008

Dorm Profiles: Witherspoon

Here's the first in a series of dorm spotlights. Underclassman room draw is finished (I think?), but here's a look at one of the nicest dorms available to a few lucky freshmen and sophomores.

Witherspoon filled up this year before 10:00 during Rockefeller room draw, due in part to its amenities: it has bathrooms for both sexes on each of its five floors, laundry, a computer cluster, and two kitchens. It is also notable for some of the most coveted rooms on campus - it has 5 quads with huge common areas that widen around Witherspoon's turret, making the rooms spacious and full of the light that streams in from regular and stained glass windows alike.

A former resident of this room, 517 Witherspoon, said, "It is the best room on campus, bar none." Witherspoon doubles are also often de-bunkable, which a resident noted, "Made the experience of sharing a double with a stranger during my freshman year a much easier transition."

Named after John Witherspoon, sixth president of the University, the building housed President Woodrow Wilson and is part of the "historic part of campus." Built in 1877 as the first dormitory in the country to feature indoor plumbing, it was renovated in 2002.

Pros: Large rooms, beautiful building, hallways form sense of community.

Cons: Far from Frist, the Street, some academic buildings.

Verdict: Definitely worth the trek; swoon for 'Spoon, just invest in a bike!


Anonymous said...

Why is location a con? Spoon is part of Rocky, and the rest of Rocky is further from campus than Spoon. Location should be a pro for Rockyites, not a con.

Meg said...

I live in 517 right now. It's really not that far from Frist, especially considering last year I was walking from Holder. (All other Rocky dorms- except for maybe Little- are further away). Same goes for the Street. Bikes are not required if you give yourself 8-10 minutes to walk anywhere.

Maria said...

I meant that it was a con as it compares to buildings like 1937 - it isn't a bad location objectively. It was also hard for me to think of other cons - Spoon is really nice! The next profiled building will be more controversial, perhaps.