Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Room Draw Rumba (seis por ocho)

1) First draw time in Forbes, cha-cha-cha! From nice Main Inn double + private bath to first pick of Forbes: friends, you are talking to the luckiest freshman alive! Only without the lips moving.

2) At first I wondered why they posted all our netids on the list - I stopped wondering when the emails started rolling in:
Hey, congrats on first room draw! ­­­Any idea what you're going to pick yet? Me and the guys were thinking of getting the singles on third floor. If you're going for singles, could you stick to the first floor ones?
And apparently singles here are The Thing. Why wouldn't they be? Forbes singles are sweet. The top few draw groups all emailed us asking about singles. No prob! They're sophomores now, they're not afraid to be lonely.

At dinner on d-day (draw day) someone in my zee group sat down with a grin. "Got the last single in Forbes," he proudly announced. "I am so happy right now."

3) Of course, too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming. We deliberated carefully, pored over floorplans, knocked on a few doors. Should we be jerks and take up three third-floor singles? Nah, we went for the triple. I am so looking forward to this.

4) By now I've found out who's going to be living in my room next semester. It's a nice room, I'll be sad to leave it, but then again she's a nice girl. We're hallmates, we pull all-nighters together when the problem sets get rough and BSE is starting to seem more and more like BS with every aching minute.

It's odd to think about it: she's going to be living here next semester, wrestling with the window, struggling to fit all the furniture against these bizarrely designed walls.

I'm thinking about leaving her surprises, like cats do. I have this image of her pacing the room during midterms next semester; she bumps into a lamp, it sways dramatically, crashes into the wall, and breaks through to the secret compartment that I've meticulously carved out of the plaster. Dry-erase pens rain down around her, rainbow-colored like a shower of Skittles.

"Argh, who was living in this room before me??" No more late-night study buddy for me.

5) I'm surprised that professors don't know more about the room draw process. Considering how many students bring laptops to draw in their classes, I'd think they'd be intimately acquainted with the details.

Perhaps this is one downside of wireless internet all across campus. Who can concentrate on the lecturer's voice when Facebook is available anywhere you go?

Disclaimer: The contents of this post are not entirely fabricated, nor are they entirely true.