Saturday, March 7, 2009

80 minutes to establish "a credible threat"

Public Safety notified members of the campus community about the possibility of an armed man on campus only after interviewing several people and establishing a "credible threat," University spokesperson Cass Cliatt '96 said in an interview earlier tonight.

Cliatt added that Public Safety receives calls about potential safety threats "on a not infrequent basis" but declined to estimate how many times a month such incidents occur. "We receive calls from people who things they see things -- bombs, toy guns -- it happens from time to time," Cliatt said.

Executive Vice President Mark Burstein said in an interview at 2:30 a.m. that administration officials were "extremely satisfied with our response in this situation."


Meg Byrne said...

Word is that it was an ROTC kid with a fake AK-47? What ACTUALLY happened?

Anonymous said...

Also heard that he was running with a real but disarmed AK-47 down the street...?

Anonymous said...

Ban ROTC from campus