Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Real Estate: Cuyler Hall

Cuyler Hall, the memorial to Cornelius C. Cuyler ‘79 dedicated in 1912, hasn’t been renovated. Or at least that’s what the Princeton campus guide reports.

But even if it were renovated, it’d be impossible to solve the deal-breakers of Cuyler Hall. The bathrooms are all in the basement, and there are no elevators. The rooms are small and usually shared. And they’re nothing compared to the huge Dod bi-levels that you’ve dreamt about, partied in, or have only heard about.

But one thing’s for certain: the common room is pretty sweet. And while the rooms may be on the smaller side, when I was still dreaming of what my life could be like at Princeton, I imagined myself living in a building identical to Cuyler. A fireplace, wooden floors, and the whole gothic feel. And according to a friend who used to live in Cuyler, it served as a backdrop for a Brook’s Brothers ad. (Whether or not this is true, I’m not certain, but I do know it’s been the backdrop to ads.)
"The facilities are old; the rooms are small. The condition of the bathrooms are okay.... But the location is great!” said Princeton Kwong ’11 about his Cuyler triple.
But Sojung Yi ’12 disagrees, raving that"It's a beautiful building with the most central location on campus. The rooms are clean and charming.” Living in this hall can offer the “Princeton experience” that we dream about—you know, if both ‘Spoon and the entirety of Whitman weren’t available.

But Cuyler is pretty, and it’s a good place for those who want to live in threes (or triples) and don’t mind living in a “cozy” situation. (That’s just a euphemism for cramped/small, though, isn’t it?)

And for previous Forbes residents, Cuyler is in a great location. It’s nearly the center of Campus, a short walk from Frist and an even shorter one from Dillon.

edit: There's also a bathroom on the third floor. Sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

There's also a bathroom on the third floor..

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haha, why do i know everyone in this article <3

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it's true - i've seen those brooks ads.