Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Real Estate: Pyne Hall

If you’ve been pining away for a great place to live with a group of friends, Pyne Hall may be the place for you. Pyne has a total of 108 singles, 19 doubles, 9 triples, and 3 quads.

Pyne typically gets filled with mostly seniors. “I would say the best thing about Pyne is the large number of seniors that live there,” Katie Thaeder ’09, who is a Pyne resident this year, said. “My favorite thing is that all of my best friends are close by, but we are all able to have singles or three-room doubles.”

Pyne was built in 1922 by the architects Day and Klauder and is named in memory of Moses Taylor Pyne, Class of 1877, a great benefactor of the University.

When Princeton first admitted women in 1969-70, these first female students were all housed in Pyne.

Pyne has a laundry room and a kitchen in its 6th entryway. There is a printer in the building, but no cluster. Nearby 1901/Laughlin does have a cluster, though. Proximity to Dillon Gym is another perk for Pyne residents.

Pyne can sometimes be a bit loud, though, according to residents. “I think the location of your room determines whether or not Pyne is quiet or noisy. I would say my room is noisy,” Thaeder said. “My room faces University Place, and every once in a while it gets loud.”