Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Real Estate: Scully

Since Room Draw 1998, Scully Hall has offered a relatively modern housing option for many upperclassmen. Built for $23 million, Scully contains in four floors, 157 singles, 35 doubles and 10 quads.

Private bathrooms are available for 49 rooms (4 singles, 35 doubles, 10 quads). 8 singles, 4 doubles, and a quad are available for independent room draw; of these 4 doubles and a quad have private bathrooms.

The biggest quads come with up to four rooms, while sizes range from 128 sq. ft./person in a three-room quad to 211 for a two-room single.

A full kitchen, a dining room, a “snack” kitchen, 2 study rooms, and a living room with a flat-screen television are all available on the first floor of the 3-sided complex. The first floor also has a laundry room. The second floor also offers a laundry room along with a couple studies, a cafĂ© area, and a print room. The third floor offers several study rooms, another living room, a meeting room, and another kitchen. The fourth floor offers another meeting room and a laundry room. Several elevators facilitate movement throughout the complex.

Current resident Shawn Fennell ’10 chose a single with a shared bathroom in Scully after hopes for Spelman didn’t materialize. Fennell, who is independent, said Scully is “just fine” for his needs. “There’s a kitchen right across the courtyard,” Fennell said. “[Scully’s] pretty self-contained…there are 2 print clusters, 3 laundry rooms.” Fennell also said Scully is simple to keep clean because the building and equipment are relatively new.

Scully is “in a pretty bad spot,” Fennell said. A comparative literature major, Fennell said Scully is not an ideal place for him because of the long walks to East Pyne and other buildings on campus.

Nevertheless, many upperclassmen will likely find the proximity to athletic grounds and science buildings ideal.