Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Real Estate: 2 Dickinson

2 Dickinson Street (2D), like 99 Alexander Street, is a dorm that likes to pretend it’s a house. It sits on a street near other residential housing. Only a close observer, or someone there at dinnertime, could tell that it in fact houses 19 students, many of whom are living together as members of the vegetarian cooperative that has been part of campus since 1977.

2D has three floors, plus a fourth “A” which houses the laundry room. In addition, there are 16 bedrooms and bathrooms on each floor. More importantly for the co-op it has its own large kitchen on the first floor, along with a dining room. Residents are not required to to be members of the co-op, however.

"For the most part it's like any other dorm," said Alex Gertner '10. "There are mostly single and double rooms, but most people that live in the co-op don't participate in the cooking," he added.

"The people are really nice. We're like a big family," said Zoe Saunders '10, a member of the co-op who does not live in 2D. "It's a University building but we're technically off campus...It's like family. It's a good balance - I'm separating my home life from school life," she said.


Anonymous said...

Whoopsi daisy, Daily Princey! Zoe is an RCA is Wilson, not a resident in 2D. She is, however, an amazing cook/baker of the tasty in the co-op.

Zoe said...

um i don't actually live in twod... although that would make my late-night snacking more convenient...

Anonymous said...

Why one can safely conclude that this blog entry is a product of unprofessional writing, which at times lack content and at times is misleading:

1. From what you state in the first paragraph, I wonder who pretends its a house. Ms. Benner, did someone make this claim to you? or is this statement a product of your imagination?

2. Your second line in first paragraph is trivially obvious for you to state: You of course need to be at a place to count how many members live in there. I am wondering if in past you resorted to other ways of counting?

3. "In addition, there are 16 bedrooms and bathrooms on each floor" --I guess while you resorted to 'Close observation' while you counted the number of people to be 19, you resorted to your other Voodoo means to count the number of rooms and floors in each room.

4. There are two aspects to 2-dickinson
a) its building, that houses people.
b) its building kitchen, that is used for and hence it is the Vegetarian Co-Op.
I hope in your blog entry you can differentiate between these two different aspects. Any Journalism 101 class will tell you that you should have quoted a resident of two-dickinson on its residential aspects of it and a Co-Op member on its dining aspect of it. You on the other hand seem to have gotten confused between the two.

5. I also see that you had additional facts wrong that you seem to have consequently corrected once pointed out (by Zoe about Zoe).

I would very strongly advice you to spend time in writing your journal blog entries so that it has clear content supported by facts. I hope we both agree on the fact that a journal blog is not a creative writing endeavor.