Friday, March 27, 2009

Real Estate: 1903

Location, location, location! 1903 is prized among upperclassmen because of its proximity to the center of campus. The walk from 1903 to Frist is shorter than from any other dorm.

“I think the biggest perk of living in 1903 is definitely the location. It’s about as central as you can get. You’re right next to Frist and much closer to both the street and the academic buildings than either the slums or Scully,” Megan Brandeland ’09, who lived in 1903 for her junior and senior year, said.

1903 was built in 1929 by the architect Chalres Z. Klauder. Klauder also designed several other buildings on campus including Frick Laboratory, Lockhart Hall and Joline Hall.

1903 offers a good number of large singles that are often grabbed up by seniors early in the draw. The dorm has a total of 93 rooms, 72 of which are singles. The remaining rooms are mostly doubles and triples.

Residents also said that 1903 is a bit quieter in general than the slums.

The dorm has both a kitchen and a laundry room available. There is no computer cluster in 1903.

The building itself is fairly old and does not have the same feel as some of the more recently constructed ones. “Unlike the gothic buildings up campus … it has not been renovated recently, so the entryways are not very eye-catching or ‘warm,’ ” Brandeland said. “But the rooms themselves are fine, especially considering the building in 50 + years old.”