Saturday, March 28, 2009

Real Estate: Foulke Hall

A small archway is all that separates Foulke and Henry halls; more or less, Foulke is the up-campus extension of Henry. Its location makes it also easily accessible to the U-Store, the Dinky, and 48 University Place. Exit from the third entry, and Nassau Street is just a two-minute walk away. Foulke is known as being a particularly social dorm, largely by virtue of the fact that all of its entryways connect on four out of five floors. Residents can walk freely throughout the meandering hallways, which, as in Henry, makes stopping by friends’ rooms and getting to know your neighbors very natural.

It’s hard to find a dorm with a wider variety of good-sized rooming configurations. However, some find Foulke a little outdated. It lacks a laundry room, a kitchen, or computer or study space (there is one printer in the basement, but it’s often broken). The bathrooms are quite dark and the hallways busy. Students do have control over the heat in their own rooms, however.

Alex Kruger-Wyman ’09, a current resident, notes that one of the downsides of Foulke is that “I have to walk up a flight of stairs and down two hallways to get to the bathroom.”

On the other hand, Alex Krupp ’10, who also lives in Foulke, said “It has beautiful architecture, big windows, and wood floors. Not to mention, my room has an awesome closet.”


P'11 said...

Thanks for putting these up, they provide some great insight for those of us doing upperclass draw.