Sunday, March 29, 2009

Real Estate: Wright

Situated between Patton and Cuyler halls and near Dillon Gym is the building at the source of much debate in 2008. While Wright Hall is currently an upperclass dorm, the University considered adding it to Whitman College in 2008, which was met with distinct student disapproval. The plan was not pursued, and Wright remained a popular upperclassman residential option, with all but one of the rooms chosen by the third day of room draw.

Wright was formerly part of Patton, but Patton was subdivided during renovations and the north section was renamed Wright Hall after Bagley Wright ’46, president of Bagley Wright Investments of Seattle, donated $4 million for the renovation in 1999. Wright’s archway was not part of the original 1906 building, but was added during the recent renovations.

“Its fairly recently renovated so its good quality,” said Katrina Johns ’09, who lives in Wright this year. She also noted that Wright is in a convenient location.

Wright offers singles, doubles, triples and one quad on four floors, with an additional A level that houses a kitchen, laundry room, lounge and bathrooms. All of the rooms share bathrooms.

When asked her main complaint about living in Wright, Melissa Plapp ’09, answered, “Our heat is always on at full blast.”