Thursday, March 5, 2009

You never know the worth of water...

until the well runs dry.

There was a web outage at the Library today. The catalog was offline. In theory it should have been a complete catastrophe--forcing enterprising seniors to abandon all hope, or worse, (shudder) go to the card catalog.

Actually, oddly enough, I didn't miss it. I'd already emailed myself the call number of the book I was looking for and then the guy at the microfilm department on C-floor knew more or less where Le Monde would be filed... so it all worked out. The worst part was having to wait for the poor guy at the circulation desk to check my book out manually. Of course, he's the one with the hand cramp, so I really can't complain. Still, it could have been a disaster.

Just goes to show how much the internet has changed our way of life. (I bet you you wouldn't take out twenty books at a time if you had to wait for the person at circulation to take down all the information.)

More excitingly, I've discovered that there's a library plug-in for Firefox which allows you to search the catalog!

Link is HERE!

(EDIT: Plug-in allows you to sync PUL functionality with other websites, like!!!!)


Meg Byrne said...

I don't even remember how a card catalog works... seriously. We learned in 3rd grade, but I would be clueless in Firestone.

Martha Vega said...

Sad thing is, I don't think I ever learned it... NYPL has always (as far as I'm concerned) had computer catalog. Which, you know, was what I used before high school...