Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prostitution arrests in Princeton!

Whoops. Township police arrested three women last Wednesday afternoon on prostitution charges after two undercover officers were solicited during visits to the Sunny Gardens Health Spa, a massage parlor in the township. The women were taken away in handcuffs and taken to police headquarters after investigators spent three hours at the establishment, the Princeton Packet reports. Bags full of evidence filled the back of a patrol car and officers also removed $3,500 in cash from the business, the paper said. Two of the women were charged with prostitution and released. The owner was charged with promoting prostitution and was taken to the Mercy County Correction Center. Sunny Gardens will be temporarily closed for business.


AC said...

I'm torn between making a crack about grade-whoring Woody-Woo majors, or about the numerous girls who'd give it up for free.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad at how ignorant people are to prostitution. some girls are brought here to the us against their will and people like you make a joke out of it. Little girls dont hope to grow up and be a prostitute.

I'm sure even a crack addict doesn't want to blow a nasty smelly old man either.

Remember that!