Monday, October 4, 2010

Books 8,9, and 10: Harry Potter and the Heartburn, Hair Loss, Hermione?

By Prihatha Narasimmaraj '14

Over a lovely cup of tea at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh on Friday, Oprah and J.K. Rowling bestowed hope into the hearts of all us Harry Potter fans still mourning our losses from the Epilogue Massacre (The name Hugo still makes me twitch). Apart from swapping stories about the benefits of being rich and famous, Jo revealed that she would be open to writing an eighth, ninth, even tenth Harry Potter book. Admittedly, she followed this with the disclaimer “I feel I’m done, but you never know.”


Anonymous said...

wow since when did she write another book rock on jk.rowling

Anonymous said...

I would love it if she wrote another Harry Potter book. I don't care what anyone else says Harry Potter is amazing.

Anonymous said...

James Potter seris (Harry's son) were written so far as a 3 part book. The books were not written by J.K.Rowling but has her permission. The link is here: