Friday, October 22, 2010

Jilly's Metal Free Challenge. Day 4. Plus an Explanation of Purpose.

By Jilly Chen '13

Just to clarify, I went metal free without buying anything new. Purchasing a bunch of clothes would defeat the purpose. The challenge is about working with and around what I have, not showcasing a shopping spree.

I went metal free not only because it pushes me to add fresh dynamics to my wardrobe, but also because it illustrates the importance of one small component of clothing. It's about giving up something that I took for granted. Now, it's at the forefront of my attention. I chose fashion to display my epiphany, but imagine living one week without something that impacts your life everyday.

That said, going metal free severely limits my choice of pants. I fought the compulsion to throw on some denim shorts with this outfit, but held fast in favor of the rules. I might face some backlash from the "leggings are not pants" constituency, but it's a risk I'm willing take, especially after slipping on Day 2.


Anonymous said...

I'm in love... : )

- Your Secret Admirer