Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jane's Not So Plain Anymore- A.N.T.M. Episode 6

By Morgan Jerkins '14

My, oh my, have the tables turned for our beloved tiger Jane Randall ’12. The biggest and most important assignment for this episode was a photo shoot on Rodeo Drive. The featured fashion photographers were Lori Goldstein and THE Patrick DeMarchelier, who has also photographed Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell, to name a few. Jane, Kacey, and a male model were linked together for the first shoots and later the contestants took individual shots. DeMarchelier commented that Jane was a “bit too commercial” for his taste yet found Randall to be attractive.The worst contestant this episode happened to be Ann, who suffered under the weight of her own insecurities. When the best shots were shown, Andre Leon Talley remarked that Jane looked “extraordinary” and like a “French supermodel-actress.” Completely altered in his views concerning Jane also, Nigel Barker added that Jane was “superb” and “looked great.” However, in her single photos, Randall appeared to be “stiff,” according to the judges at deliberation, and performed better in group photos. Overall, Ms. Randall improved tremendously from last week’s episode. Either that, or Tyra really took the last Prox post to heart. Jane came in as runner-up for best photo and was saved from elimination while Kacey had to hit the road. Until next time!


Rachel Lena said...

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