Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jane Soars on Roller Blades...but Tyra Still Has Beef with Her

By Morgan Jerkins '14

On this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, famed New York designer Zac Posen was the featured guest. For the first assignment, the remaining ladies had to model one of Posen’s lines, Z Spoke, alongside veteran models. Unbeknownst to the contestants, the veteran models were to act catty and rudely towards them. During the show, Posen commented on Jane Randall ’12 as “gorgeous in the face.” However, he did note that he needed to see the “natural fierceness” in her body. Unfortunately, the compliments that he bestowed upon our beloved tiger was not enough for her to win this mini-competition. Randall’s luck began to change for the remainder of the segment. Nigel Barker directed a commercial for which the contestants had to showcase a drink, have credible chemistry with a male model, and skate! Despite Jane’s confession that she had not skated since the age of three, the judges unanimously agreed that she looked relaxed and believable on the screen. During deliberation, Posen added that Randall was “very commercial looking” and Tyra did in fact say that she could see Jane on the runway. Tyra, however, felt an aversion to Jane’s personality. Really, Ty Ty?

Though Jane suffered a couple downfalls on the roller blades, she really soared this episode, winning first runner up for best commercial. Saved from elimination once again, Esther was sent home.


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