Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jilly's Metal Free Challenge Day 3

By Jilly Chen '13

Today I went for the monochromatic trend, incorporating several shades of gray. Before, I never cared that my gray jeans had plastic buttons, but they really came in handy for the challenge. The metal free restriction has increased my outfit originality. I can't fall back on jeans and a T-shirt because jeans, with their zippers and buttons, are strictly off-limits. Even my favorite t-shirt has a little metal tag on the bottom. Without my staples, I'm combining pieces in new ways and compensating with ingenuity. Funny how limits foster creativity, at least in fashion. Apparently, there was a movement where participants only wore six items of clothing for an entire month.

I'm pretty sure that already happens on campus. It's called "not doing laundry."