Monday, October 18, 2010

No Means Yes, at Least at Yale

On Youtube this week, a pledge ritual for Yale's chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon went viral. The frat walked through campus chanting "No means yes!" and essentially turning rape into a joke. For a better joke, I prefer the one about Beethoven and the chicken.

Why did Beethoven kill the chicken?


Because it kept going BACH! BACH! BACH!

That's my favorite joke. Use it well.

-The Blogstress


AC said...

The more you whine, the more you get free stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is the same frat and chapter that last year filmed a video of themselves primally screaming:

Anonymous said...

I like what you did there, write a blog post criticizing joke about rape only to turn your blog post into a joke. Pot, can I introduce you to the kettle? It's black.

Dalben said...

I think the point was more to show to criticize making jokes about rape by saying it's stupider than a really stupid joke, although I can certainly see how it might not come off that way. For one thing I though the Beethoven/chicken joke was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

The third comment misses the contempt the author is showing for the Yale dopes. I find it difficult to believe that the comment was produced by a Princeton student or alum, and feel it is more likely to be from a Yale dope trolling this site.
One more joke for the Yale dope.
A horse walks into a bar.
The bartender says "Why the long face?"

Anonymous said...

Before we judge too harshly, let's consider:

Muehlenhard, C. L., & Hollabaugh, L. C. (1988). “Do women sometimes say no when they mean yes? The prevalence and correlates of women's token resistance to sex.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (54), pp. 872-879.

39.3% of the female undergrad participants in the study admitted to having said 'no' when they meant 'yes.'

Not that those Yale guys aren't a bunch of douchebags, but, c'mon, we're really getting one message from womyn and another from women. Before we all jump up on our high horse, let's think about the mixed messages society is sending.

Anonymous said...

The picture you have of DKE there is from the Vanderbilt chapter. You should remove it so that the brothers in that picture are not misrepresented by the actions of the Yale Chapter.