Monday, October 4, 2010


By Morgan Jerkins '14

Karen Owens, a 2010 Duke graduate, has involved the Blue Devils athletes in another sex scandal. Though this time, these renowned sportsmen are indirectly involved. Seniors owe Owens a thank you for weakening that pesky divide between senior academics and sex. For her four years at Duke, Owens detailed all of her sexual escapades with the school’s basketball, lacrosse, and tennis teams under a roster called “The F*** List”. The List is complete with visual aids and the sexual conquests’ full names on PowerPoint slides. Owens sent the thesis via e-mail, which became viral after a friend forwarded the “unofficial senior thesis” to many others. "Jezebel" has the entire PowerPoint on the blog, starting with “The Evaluation Process.”

Size, creativity, talent, and physical attractiveness were a few components that comprised the rubric. Kashmir Hill of “Forbes” suspects that there will be invasion of privacy lawsuits and lawyers are already working overtime to delete these blog posts. Though Owens has deleted her Internet profiles, the damage has already been done. Many bloggers like Hill share the same opinion that Owens should just embrace this fiasco and perhaps channel her writing prowess into a book deal or a gig as a sex columnist.