Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet My Webmail Family

I adore opening my Inbox to find e-mails from close friends and sometimes even high level acquaintances. I FRICKIN LOVE E-MAIL. But blood runs thicker than water, and when I really need someone to have my back, I turn to family. I would like to introduce all of you to my Webmail Immediate Family, maybe we're related.

Angela Hodgeman, Manager of Undergraduate Housing
Subject: Rules for Room Doom 2011

Beverly Hamilton-Chandler, Director of Career Services
Subject: CareerNews Everymonth everyday, Everyyear

Robert Bromfield, Deputy Registrar
Subject: Deadline before SCORE Eats Your Babies

Nancy A. Kanach, Senior Associate Dean of the College
Subject: Forget the Rhodes, Try for a Diploma

Anthony Chiappetta, Associate Director for Recruitment and Employer Relations
Subject: TigerTracks has Posted 14 New Job Openings for Rubberbands Inc.

Over my years here I have been through it all with them. I won't lie, there were days I wanted to send frowny-face-emoticon-ridden replies. Despite my shortcomings and temperamental nature, these folks are still there for me in my Inbox the very next day, letting me know exactly how there is no way in hell I will be living in Whitman next year or perhaps how I will now have to pay $75 for not dropping Kiddie Lit in the nick of time. But with all sincerity, these people are integral parts of our cyber lives and it was high time we linked these faces to their NetIDs.

-The Blogstress


Anonymous said...

I wish the blogstress were part of my webmail family. She is hilarious.