Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jane isn't the Model (Modeling) Student...Does She Last Another Episode of ANTM?

By Morgan Jerkins '14

After a few flirtations with elimination, Jane Randall ’12 survived into tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. Contestants had to embody iconic fashion designers and ultimately impress featured fashion photographer, Francesco Carrozzini. Jane emulated Marc Jacobs, who has his own self-titled line and also serves as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. During the photo shoot, Carrozzini demanded that Randall show “more attitude” though he admitted that imitating a man is difficult. This didn’t stop him from bashing our Jane for not having a “clear idea” of how to model effectively. During deliberation, Nigel Barker commented that Jane needed “more action in the body.” He also described Jacobs’ personality as “down-to-earth and gritty,” which precisely clashed with Jane’s portrayal. Andre Leon Talley took another swipe at Jane, saying, “As a Princeton girl, she has not done her homework.” Ouch! Yet still, Jane was not eliminated! Instead, Kendall was sent home for her unconvincing, stiff imitation of Vera Wang. Leave it to Jane to beat CDY and Schwartz for who can last longest on reality TV shows. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

...You know his name is Schwartz, right? As a Princeton student, you should do your homework too.

Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous...she's the prettiest one...I hope she wins the whole thing.