Monday, October 11, 2010

CDY + 1 Win Leg of Amazing Race (but make Princeton Look Bad with Lack of Geographical Knowledge)

By Beth Zak-Cohen '13

When Connor Diemand-Yauman '10 and Jonathan Schwartz '10 start in sixth place leaving the last pit stop in Ghana, I’m not too optimistic. The two manage to pass another team by singing to their taxi driver, but will the a cappella really get them that far? Boxing training is the first task, which doesn’t quell my skepticism.

But CDY takes the task and completes it without incident. His friend yells encouragements like, “Just do it normally!”. They’re catching up! Next, the teams rush to a supply depot (CDY + 1 pass another team on the way). Here they have to deliver wheelbarrows full of supplies. (“Not a big wheelbarrow guy,” says Connor). They complete the task and the Tigers are in first place! The next task is finally something that their Princeton education might help them with- an African geography quiz.
Never mind. Neither can place Ghana on a map. “It wasn’t our major!” they protest. They finally find it saying, “Princeton is a good school, I swear.” Adds the other, “There’s an African Studies major!” Despite the geography blunder, our team is still first.
For the next task the duo can choose a hoop rolling or language arts and choose the latter. They have to find some symbols on a giant map, which looks ominous, but the other teams are all messing up on the wheelbarrow task so it’s looking good.
This part is where the Princeton training really helps. The other teams make fools of themselves trying to figure out how to solve the code. Our two finish the code quickly enough (adorably hugging one of the little schoolkids) and head to the pit stop. They might actually win this one.
And they do! “Connor and Jonathan you are team number 1,” Phil says. They win $5000 dollars each. How do they say they’ll spend it? “To buy maps of Africa!” And then I changed the channel because we all know we’re only watching for the CDY anyway.


2010 said...

Seriously, what is the obsession with CDY alone? Jonathan is on the team too, he's a Princetonian too, he's not just Connor's plus one. It's getting obnoxious. I'm friends with both of them.

Anonymous said...

yeah agreed, CDY is nice but the world doesn't revolve around him. Please stop being so rude to Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

thirded. i think they meant it as a joke, but keeping it up this long has made it just rude.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Jonathan would actually do something and stop making Connor do all of the tasks on the Race he could be promoted from +1. Looks like Connor is doing the Race, and Jonathan is just along for the ride.