Monday, October 11, 2010


By Jilly Chen '13

Take a stroll by Cuyler Hall and you’ll notice the “Girl Wanted” sign in one of the windows.
As a girl, naturally, I felt qualified to find out more.
“It’s just a joke,” the guy said hastily as I stood in his doorway. He was probably mortified to discover that the sign actually worked. He loosened up once I revealed that I was merely a curious blogger.
“There’s a funny story behind it,” he said, as he scribbled the netID of the owner, his roommate, on a scrap of paper.
Soon, I met up with Patrick Wasserman ’12 and learned the back story. I guessed that he ordered it online or even created it himself as a joke.
The true answer yielded a surprising plot twist.
“The story is probably a lot shorter than you expected,” Wasserman said. “My mom snuck it in my bag for college.”
Perplexed, I grilled him for more information. After a text to his mom, we discovered that she bought it at a gallery. He refrained from postulating as to why it amused his mother so much, but a few of his female friends didn’t share his mother’s sense of humor.
A few weeks ago, two girls were waiting outside Cuyler when one of them noticed the sign. “I am never going in there,” she said. Shortly, Patrick appeared by the window. Awkwardness ensued. Coincidentally, the girls turned out to be good friends of Patrick and couldn’t believe that the “Girl Wanted” room was Patrick’s.
“I think the sign actually fends girls off,” he explained. Clearly, I was an exception.


Martabel said...

I think its an interesting commentary on the objectification of women in college hook-up culture. Knowing Patrick is an active feminist and supporter of queer rights allows me to see the piece an ironic. He is basically the opposite of the kind of d-bag bro you think would have that sign on their door without a social conscious.

Mom said...

"Girl Wanted" was sent to me as an art piece from a gallery out west. I thought it was funny and that Patrick might get a laugh when he found it . I certainly don't promote advertising for girls and I know Patrick has the utmost respect for women.
This just shows Patrick's humor and is suppose to get one thinking........

Anonymous said...

I think the reaction of the girls simply reflects the fact that most princeton female students are crazy! They can't see a man without thinking, "A rapist!" They don't understand that many of the situations that may ultimately lead to rape will usually lead to nothing or to good things (but university officials cannot admit this in RAD courses because the university would get sued!).