Thursday, October 28, 2010

NBA Bans New Sneakers to Commemorate their 25 Year Anniversary of Banning Air Jordans

By Jenna McCarthy '13

According to a recent press release, the NBA has banned certain shoes due to "unfair competitive advantage." Apparently, Athletic Propulsion Labs' Concept 1 shoes increase a player's vertical leap in an unfair manner. No player will be allowed to wear the product in games for the upcoming 2010-11 NBA season. This ban is happening, coincidentally enough, on the 25th anniversary of the NBA's ban on Nike Air Jordans. However, that ban was for their colorful appearance rather than unfair vertical issues. The creators of APL's Concept 1 shoes said they weren't surprised by this ban. Biomechanical testing showed that the shoes deliver increases in vertical leap of up to 3.5 inches as compared to regular shoes. I gues this is a step up from those "moon shoes" that were all the fad a few eons ago when we were kids.