Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adult Internships: Real World Solutions for Real World Problems

I've always been afraid of "entering the real world." I mean, it feels really good not worrying about rent, food, and other expenses. (I mean, you can tell how unready I am for the real world-- I don't even know what the labels for other expenses are.) So, I've secretly planned to stay in school forever, to become more knowledgeable about things, or at least have the Ph.D that says I am knowledgeable.

And the recession has kind of justified this incredibly selfish plan of mine. But there's just one problem: I'm not really clever enough to stay in school for so long.

Adult internships have become the "cool" thing to do during the recession. Okay, not the cool thing, but they've become acceptable. Necessary, even. I mean, sure, you don't really get paid, but you get to pad your resume and collect references that help tide you over until you get a real job.

But I guess that's my problem with adult internships. It's that you get the real world problems, but you don't actually have a real world solution (except for maybe your credit card, which isn't actually a real world solution; it's more of a "I'll think about this later," right?). I mean, sure, my boss may love me. But is he/she going to pay my rent, make food for me, etc?

This is why I'd prefer to stay in school. Because even though the orange bubble can be stifling, I still want to live in the bubble. (Though, I guess the bubble bursts when your parents tell you that they're sick of you going to school-- but by then, you'll have so many degrees, it's probably a little bit easier to find a job?)

But I guess for people who are sick of pretending that food, dorms, and laundry facilities should be handed to them on a silver platter (thanks to some combination of parents and Princeton), it might be a good way to wait out the recession.