Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday, 19,814 applicants to Princeton received the bad news that they had not been offered a spot in the class of 2013. They were probably not the high school seniors having the worst rejection experience, however. The University of California- San Diego (UCSD), which notified prospective freshman of their admissions decision on March 14, sent out an email to 47,000 students inviting them to admitted students day. UCSD only accepted around 18,000 of those students.

A technical error caused the email to be sent to all applicants to UCSD, including the 29,000 students who had already been rejected. The admissions office responded with another mass email, apologizing to the applicants.


Martha Vega said...

Oh dear, that's got to suck. Didn't an Ivy accidentally admit everyone a few years back? Cornell? Maybe?

This is probably worse though, because in addition to the disappointment of not getting into school, you have the added anguish of being reminded of your rejection and the false hope that maybe the first letter was a mistake.

Hall Monitor said...

This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Anonymous said...

i love how it's the prox authors themselves who always comment on each other's blog posts.